Laboratory space utilization and equipment of the SCL Lab

Laboratory structure

Our laboratory (MC 327) comprises The center of the large room has two tables for collaborative works. Junior students who need frequent help and thus interactions with others are located in that large common room. Senior students, who may need more privacy when writing their theses, work in the small offices.

Space utilization

Note that there are currently The supervisors (Rob Corless, David Jeffrey, Marc Moreno Maza, Greg Reid) wish to have these 6 students working in MC 327 as well. Therefore, our team can fully utilize the available space in MC 327. Note that MMM works in MC 327 as well since he can find there the necessary amount of natural light that his impaired vision requires. One should note that, before our Waterloo colleagues Stephen Watt and Eric Schost moved to the University of Waterloo (in 2015) their students and post-doctoral fellows, together with those of MMM, were occupying most of MC 327, which explains why the students of our Applied Math colleagues (Rob Corless, David Jeffrey, Greg Reid) had moved from MC 327 to the 2nd floor of Middlesex College in 2006.

Laboratory equipment