Curriculum Vitae

Dr. W. A. Naylor

Personal Details

Name - William Arthur Naylor
Date of birth - 6th October 1968
Country of birth - Canada
Nationality - British/Canadian
Sex - Male
Current occupation - Post Doctoral Fellow: Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra, at the University of Western Ontario.
Field of Expertise - Symbolic Computation
Work Address -  
  Room 327E,
  The Computer Science Department,
  Middlesex College,
  The University of Western Ontario,
  London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7

Telephone - 01-519-6614298

Home Page -


Institution Qualifications Gained Date of attendance
University of Bath PhD entitled: - 2000
  `Polynomial GCD Using Straight Line Program Representation'.  
  See section 4  
University of Bath MSc in Symbolic Computation with honours - 1993
University of Bath BSc in Computers & Mathematics with honours - 1992
Olchfa Comprehensive School 4 A' level passes - 1987
Bishopston Comprehensive School 10 O'level passes - 1985

Employment Details

My past employment includes:

Synopsis of my PhD

My PhD work, under the supervision of Professor J. H. Davenport, involved writing a Straight Line Program (SLP) implementation which could be used for representing and manipulating polynomials. The implementation was written in Aldor under the AXIOM computer algebra system environment. Further routines to calculate gcds of polynomials represented as SLPs were written. Much attention was paid to the efficiency of these routines.

Computer languages used

Current Research Interests

Current research interests include:

Teaching Experience

My teaching experience includes the following:



Refereed papers

Unrefereed papers


Personal Hobbies and Interests

Sporting hobbies in which I pursue an active interest include rock climbing and cave exploration.
Amongst my non-sporting hobbies, I play the Highland bagpipes.

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Curriculum Vitae

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