The Dolomites around Cortina D'Ampezzo

A View taken from the Rifugio Marco Polo View from Rifugio Marco Polo
The Bivaco Slataper (somewhere on the right) Bivaco Slataper
Me (taking a photo) Me
Jesus whom we found on top of Monte Cavalo (only kidding, that's me on the cross and my invalid friend - broken arm! Rob, next to me). Jesus
Only half way through the day and I've allready had enough! Knackered
A view of Tofana di Rozes (or at least the mountain to the East) from the East side of the valley. Tofana di Rozes
The coll near to the top of the Tofana di Rozes. Tofana di Rozes (col)
A way cool via ferrata called the Via Ferrata Tomaselli (can you see me?? .. clue, somewhere bottom left), Via Ferrata Tomaselli
A rifugio which is directly beneath the Via Ferrata Tomaselli called the Bivacco Chiesa. Bivacco Chiesa
A view taken from the Bivacco Comici. Bivacco Comici
A view taken from the Bivacco Pace. view from Bivacco Pace
Monte Cristallo. Monte Cristallo
A handy water fountain(?) next to a hut in the valley parallel and adjacent to Cortina d'Ampezzo. water fountain