W A Naylor

Dr. W A Naylor


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Past Institutions Attended:
Bishopston Nursary School, St. Tylos Church,
Bishopston Infants School,
Bishopston Junior School,
etc, ...

Past Hospitals Attended:
The Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver
Singleton Hospital, Swansea,
Morriston Hospital, Swansea,
Bristol Royal Infirmary, Cliffton, Bristol,
Frenchay Mental Home, Frenchay, Bristol,
The Burden Institute, Bristol,
The Royal United Hospital, Bath,
Various Small Hospitals throughout the country.

My Holiday in the Dolomites
Holidays enjoyed in Canada

Hobbies and activities:

Watching Oak Trees Grow,
Rock Climbing,
Cave exploration,
Playing the highland bagpipes,
Eating, Drinking, etc.,
Writing poetry
Billys bagpipes

My Bagpipes after an unfortunate accident with the Bomb Squad!!

Billys bangpipes1 Billys bangpipes2

(thankfully now restored to their former glory!)

Department: Computer Science.
Job Title: Post Doctoral Research Fellow.
Research Interests: Implementation of Straight Line Programs, in the AXIOM computer algebra system.
You can click here to see my thesis .
or here to see my CV.
Some papers I have written.
Software I have written to implement Straight Line Programs, as per my thesis (see above).

Telephone: +1 (519) 661 4298

E-mail Address: bill at orcca.on.ca

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